Technology & Quality Control

Anjier, Joseph Alumina precipitation process including operation, research, engineering and design
Banvolgi, George Processing of bauxites of different types and grades, process modelling, material and energy conservation of the alumina production, research, engineering and design
Bradham, Douglas Flat rolled products, operation, quality assurance, marketing, export sales, inventory & production control, cost structure
Cocran, Kirk Cell Technology, Cell Room Operation, Material Handling, Alumina Refinery, Gas Treatment Systems, Søderberg Technology (VSS & HSS)
Culley, Alan Hot & Cold Rolling Mill Operation; Heat Treating; , Quality assurance; Inventory & Production Control
Fischer, Hans Cast House Management; Metallurgical & Quality Control, Process & Product development for casting, Hard Alloys, Common (soft) Alloys & Can Sheet Alloys.
Hewgill, Douglas Søderberg Technology (VSS & HSS) Operation & Process Control, Dry Paste Conversion, Paste Plant Operation, Plant Management
Hoppe, Larry Metallurgical & Quality Assurance for Ingot & Billet Casting, Hard & Soft Alloys, Sheet & Plate and Extrusions
Jeltsch, Richard Cell Design, Cathode Technology, Cell Failure Analysis & Field Autopsy, Statistical Methods, Spent Cell Lining Handling & Processing
Keul, Erik Marketing, engineering, technology sales and R&D of projects related to environmental control and associated systems
Leibenguth, Leslie Operation and Management of Bauxite Mines & Alumina Refineries
Manaktala, Satish All aspects of Primary Manufacturing Technology including Process & Quality Control and Material Sourcing
Phillips, Alan Cell Technology, Cell Room Operation, Material Handling, Gas Treatment Systems, Carbon Plant Operation
Racer, Joseph All aspects of Cold and Hot Rolling Mill Operation, Engineering & Maintenance including Quality Assurance; Inventory & Production Control.
Ramaswami, J. Cell Technology and Development, Cell Room Operation, Material Handling, Raw Material Sourcing
Ries, Kenneth Anode/Carbon Technology, Raw Material Sourcing, Carbon Plant Operation. Anode quality evaluation, trouble-shooting and optimization
Rolofs, Bernd Cell Technology, Cell Room Operation, Material Handling, Gas Treatment Systems, Rodding Room Operation
Schmauch, Gary Metallurgical & Quality Control, Process & Product development for casting, rolling, extruding, & heat treating. Hard Alloys, Common (soft) Alloys & Can Sheet
Seidler, Carl Manufacturing, product & process development, process control, quality assurance, problem solving, and quality management in flat rolled products
Sloan, George Experience in all aspects of cast house design, roll casting, rolling lubricants, roll grinds, process control, process management, etc.
Urata, Nobuo Cell Lining-Thermal, Bus-Magnetics and Shell-Structural Designs; Computer Control Development; Assisting and Managing the R&D
Weir, George ISO-9000 based Quality Systems development; Process development; ASQ certifications in Quality Engineering and Auditing
Williams, David Product Engineering, Casting, Hot & Cold Rolling Mills, Heat Treating, Process Control, Benchmarking, Fabrication Technology
Purchase, Ellis All aspects of Rolling Mill Operation, Engineering & Maintenance, International Contract & Agreement, Equipment Procurement & Construction Contracts